A New Start

It seems the situation is more or less under control now.
Half June the French borders will be open again.
We will stay in Maumont in August and September, so the house is again available from the start of October.

Elia gave me her new dates. She will stay in the house from October 9 till October 11.
And Joan will stay from October 18 till October 25.
You are all very welcome to plan new dates!
Finally we can start.

The crowdfunding was not really a big success. We collected around €450,- all together, only a small part of what I hoped for.
I think it is not really helpful to divide this small amount in even smaller parts,
so I suggest we will buy ourselves a great dinner in a beautiful garden when you are all in Dordrecht for the symposium.
I hope you are ok with that too!