Route de Maumont

Dear colleagues,

Here is my final work for La Biennale de Momon.
This is just the English text but there will also be a French and a Dutch text available on the website.
If you need someone to translate your English (or Dutch) to French, or the other way around try Nina: Good work, nice person and not too expensive.


Route de Maumont

The Route de Maumont walk shows the village of Maumont in seven views to be photographed, from various locations. The initial walk was carried out in summertime. It is possible that, with the disappearance of leaves in autumn and winter more views will become visible.

Time: 1h19
Length: 5.78 km
Ascent: 70 m
Descent: 80 m
Highest point: 230 m
Lowest point: 190 m

Photo 1
The walk starts at La Fontaine de Maumont.
Walk south on the Route de Maumont to the crossroads. Turn right into Route de la Petite Forêt. On your left hand you will pass a house called Mirabelle. Continue to a fork in the road. Then follow the asphalted road to the right and pass the farm Gratte Chèvre.

Photo 2.
Follow the road and, on the left side, you will pass a large open barn with agricultural machinery. A little further, just past the sign ‘La Petite Forêt’, turn left into a forest path. After 500 meters, turn left again at the crossroads (direction Temple Laguyon 2km).

Photo 3
After a slight descent of 400 meters, at the junction, follow the path to the right. The path descends a bit further and starts to ascend . Follow the path for about 1 km through woods and meadows, until it ends at an asphalt road (Rue du Maréchal-Ferrand). On the left corner you will see a house called L’Angelus. Turn right on the road and walk for about100 meters. Just before the bus shelter, turn left onto a small road.

Photo 4
After 300 meters, on the left side, Maumont is visible in the distance. Follow the path further through the forest and between the fields. After passing between two ponds, there is another fork in the road.

Photo 5
Take the path to the left along the edge of the forest and walk 500 meters until you’ve passed the pond.

Photo 6
Then take the grassy path to the left, between hedges and meadows. It curves to the right and ends after 500 meters on the Route de Maumont.

Photo 7.
Turn right on the Route de Maumont. Cross the intersection and keep right. After 150 meters you arrive at the starting point, La Fontaine de Maumont.