The house in pictures

Hi all,

An introduction to the house.
I made some photos with my phone, did not make anything looking great, did not store away our shambles (I am not a real-estate agent), so you will have a fair idea what to expect. For bigger, please click on the photos.
These are photos of the front:

First an overview, and second the front door. On the third one you can see a few cubes of wood on the right side, to keep you warm if necessary.
The next photos are made in the kitchen, which is the space behind the front door. The (chromosome-) stairs go to the bedroom. The stairs look great in my opinion, but they demand carefully walking, especially when descending. All the light at the right side of the chimney (second-last photo) is the entrance of the living (-barn) room. The white door in the last photo is the door to the ( very small) bathroom.

The bathroom, with toilet and shower.

The living room. First two you see the big table and the third one is with the phone turned around towards the kitchen. You can see the entresol and the stairs leading up to that floor close to the wall (click on the photo to see it enlarged).
The space is a small sleeping place with another double bed. You can choose between this bed or the bed in the big bedroom. I will make some foto’s there tomorrow morning. It is dark now.


The bedroom from the (chromosome-) stairs:

And the bed on the entresol in the living room: