the last time I worked with and for a small village, I mean, I live in one, was born in one and there was a large gap between but it is always on my mind in my being, was in a tiny area in Epen in the Netherlands. A friend was visiting a few times and it seemed to me like a quiet chance to embed a memory. Going to a place more than once, laying footsteps and energy into an air is to attempt (or enjoy the possibility of an attempt) to suggest that something may happen. Its almost like putting poetry into the air of this place with your hands without having yet written the words. And it can be infinite, or – just the beginning. There is a river there. It runs with zinc in its water. The water affects the soil directly around it of course. The violets around this small stretch of river are yellow instead of pink. They are called Zinc Violets, a beautiful name! I repeated it to myself many many times. ZV. Could be on the periodic table. Polly asked me what I’d like her to do with this. I wanted to highlight this movement between the water and the flower. To be like a roundabout in the middle of this zinc and others knowing about it. I predicted how many zinc violets Polly would find on her trips. She was not to pick them but just look. I predicted. Can a prediction be an artwork? What does it look like.